Tickets are purchased upon arrival at the North Elba Show Grounds. 
Tuesday is a warm up day and entry is free

12 and Under are free


COVID – 19 Protocols 

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Doggie costume contest

The horse show’s top dogs will strut their stuff in a special ring set up near the Richard M. Feldman Grand Prix Field during the 29th annual Doggie Costume Contest on Saturday July 8, 2023 starting at 12 noon, sponsored by Man and Beast. Awards are presented to the “top dogs.” All people with leashed dogs in costume are admitted to the horse show free of charge on this day.

Show class highlights

Sunday June 30, 2024 $75,000 Grand Prix of Lake Placid

Sunday July 9, 2024 $75,000 Richard M. Feldman Grand Prix  

With an array of options, from full-service Adirondack luxury resorts with private beach access and cozy bed and breakfasts to rustic cabins and campgrounds, accommodations in Lake Placid can be the main event or a welcome retreat from backcountry adventure.

Lake Placid, NY

Close your eyes and imagine a beautiful, serene wilderness — rolling hills, high peaks, sparkling lakes, and clear, fresh air. In the midst of all that beauty, Lake Placid is a classic mountain town.

Getting outside is one of the things we most love about being in Lake Placid. Whether it’s a day hike to an open summit, exploring around John Brown Farm State Historic Site, or a relaxing paddle on Mirror Lake. Our highest mountains dominate the skyline, beckoning to those adventurous enough to climb them. Lake Placid is the perfect place to get out, do, and enjoy the great outdoors.