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Since 1970, the Lake Placid Horse Shows have showcased the nation’s top show jumping horses and riders against the backdrop of the picturesque Adirondacks and the historic Olympic town of Lake Placid.

The roots of horse shows in Lake Placid trace back to the early 1930s, when the Lake Placid Riding Club hosted gymkhanas and races, setting the stage for what would become a renowned equestrian tradition. After a hiatus during World War II, the modern era of the Lake Placid Horse Show began in 1970 with an inaugural event that saw 145 of the country’s best horses compete, thanks to the efforts of visionary Ruth Newberry and her daughter, Jessica, an Olympic dressage rider.

Under the management of Eugene R. Mische from 1972, the shows expanded significantly, featuring prestigious events like the $10,000 Adirondack Grand Prix. The 1980s saw challenges, including severe weather setbacks, but through community support and leadership transitions, including Martin Stone’s tenure as chairman, the shows rebounded and thrived.

Richard M. “Dick” Feldman assumed leadership in 1992, ushering in a new era of growth and innovation. His tenure saw expanded facilities, celebrity attendance, and televised coverage, cementing Lake Placid’s reputation as a premier stop on the show jumping circuit. Feldman’s legacy includes the Richard M. Feldman Grand Prix Field and a perpetual trophy for excellence, continuing to honor his contributions posthumously.

Today, under the stewardship of Philip Richter, the Lake Placid Horse Shows remain a highlight of the equestrian calendar, known for their world-class venue and family-friendly atmosphere. Recognized as a top-tier competition by the National Show Hunter Hall of Fame and designated as a “USEF Heritage Competition,” the shows continue to attract top riders and spectators alike.

As the shows continue to evolve, their commitment to excellence and community spirit ensures that they remain a cherished tradition, earning their reputation as “the best two weeks of a horseman’s summer.”

For over 54 years, the Lake Placid Horse Show has thrived at the historic 1980 Olympic Opening Ceremonies Site, enchanting equestrian enthusiasts with its legacy of excellence. Your partnership ensures the Lake Placid Horse Show remains a premier equestrian event, celebrating tradition and excellence at the historic 1980 Olympic Opening Ceremonies Site. Together, let’s build a legacy that lasts for generations to come.

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